Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Review from a Wrestle Session w/ The Muscle Goddess of Atlanta Dungeon!

Hello my Wrestle Fans and those who are curious:) I just had to share this w/you all because I totally didn't ask for the review so it was a pleasant surprise and I had to share it:) Enjoy! Just a little tast of what a wrestle session w/THE Muscle Goddess of Atlanta Dungeon! First was the email from the guy then the review he posted to follow:) totally made my day:)now come get you some if you dare!

Samantha. Thank you for that great first mixed wrestling experience. It completely exceeded expectations. You are a Goddess in every sense of the word. Two days later and my jaw and ribs are in absolute agony and I'm suffering from PTSD (post traumatic squeeze disorder.) You pulverized me and I truly appreciate it. I felt obliged to post a review for you on the forum because everyone needs to know how awesome you are. Hope you don't mind. Thanks again!

So, I just had my very first wrestling session ever with Samantha Muscle about two days ago and I honestly have to say.....WOW, she blew all of my expectations and illusions about the entire mixed wrestling scene out of the water. You see, for many years, I, like I imagine many normal guys are, was under the impression that most of the domination, scissors, pins and other holds applied by women in mixed wrestling videos were faked or staged. That the guy could actually escape a head or body scissors quite easily and he was just playing it up for the camera to make the girl seem much stronger than she actually was. While this may be true in some instances, within the first thirty seconds tangling with this barbie doll and getting trapped in a body scissor, I realized I had never been so wrong about anything in all my life. At first glance, Goddess Samantha seems like your "Normal" girl next door type (if you happen to live on Krypton). She has a gorgeous face, beautiful, charming smile, and that great athletically toned body that all men, who love fit women, know and love. When she answered the door she was so sweet and disarming that she set my nervousness at ease. I was thinking "This is going to be fun. We're going to wrestle around and I'm going to act like she can control me and that I can't break free of her holds". I mean, I'm a 5'10 220lb guy with a 250lb bench press and a six pack, there is no way this chick can hurt me, right? I am a complete idiot. The only acting that occurred in our match was this Goddess pretending she had to exert herself, so that I wasn't completely emasculated. Her power was UNREAL! There was no escape from any hold she got me in. No give. Not even a chance. I was stunned. She almost made me pass out on several occasions. I always had to tap. Every scissor. Every time. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if she was inclined to, she could have squeezed me to death. I'm not joking. The best thing about her is that she truly loves to dominate. She enjoyed making me suffer.... I could tell. She didn't so much "pop" my wrestling cherry as squeeze it into cherry jam with her superhuman strength and spread in thinly over the toast of my male ego. It was like wrestling with a sexy robot terminator. I was a little scared and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!!!!!! Folks, Super Girl is real and she lives in the Atlanta area. You should meet her. In a year or so ,when my ribs and jaw stop throbbing, I'll muster the courage to call her again. Until then, the aching never felt so sweet. ,          

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dive in Feet First – Mastering the Art of Foot Worship!

For as many different items and objects that there are today there are fetishes to go along with them with people who idolize and get stimulation from the sight or touch by one of these objects. Of all the fetishes, perhaps the one that is most well-known and recognized is that of the foot fetish.Men and women alike by the millions admit to having some type of foot fetish and in the world of BDSM the foot fetish plays an integral role in many D/s relationships.
Whether you are a novice or experienced Mistresses or Domme, mastering the art of foot worship can bring many submissives to your heels, quivering in anticipation of your next command or move.
The foot fetish can cover a wide range of likes and lusts on the part of a submissive. There are some who may have an interest in a particular style or type of shoe being worn while others may focus on the foot itself. Some submissives have a fetish for well-manicured toes while others may like certain socks, stockings, pantyhose or thigh highs that encase the legs and feet. Still others may love the smell of a well-worn shoe, sock, stocking or just the smell of the foot itself. Each submissive who has a foot fetish may have a particular twist on the fetish itself that they enjoy the most. If you want the opportunity to engage a submissive in foot worship, it is best for you to know beforehand just where their fetish centers so you can use this aspect to help bring them to your submission and worship you properly.

You can have your submissive worship you and your feet in a variety of ways that help to keep him line and let him experience the fetish that he desires. Much of what you can do depends a great deal on which particular aspect of a foot fetish he likes to experience, but for many submissives simply starting out by worshipping at your feet is the place to begin. You can have the submissive on his knees or completely prone on the floor right at your feet, placing him very close to your feet so he can look at them but he is not allowed to touch (unless, of course, you give him permission to do so at some point). You can then have him repeat and answer you over and over how much you are in control and how much he wants to obey you.

You can also have the submissive perform acts with your feet that are designed to benefit you in some way so that you get pleasure from his worship while he gets to experience his fetish and interact with your feet. This can be something as simple as placing jewelry on your toes, putting your socks or shoes on your feet or they can be more interactive, where you allow your submissive the pleasure of painting your toenails, provide you with a foot massage or something of that nature. You could even put on a foot fashion show to tease and entice your submissive, binding him up and having him watch you as you try on different shoes, socks or stockings, making him worship your feet even more.
Other forms of foot worship can come from placing the submissive in bondage and smothering him with the smells of your worn socks, stockings, pantyhose and shoes. Foot worship can be used in conjunction with other forms of domination, including tease and denial, sensual domination, forced feminization, trampling and others where you can use your feet and your submissive’s desires to control and dominate him.
Foot worship can be a very strong tool in the BDSM arsenal for a Mistress. Many submissives long to be at the feet of a Mistress with the dreams of being able to touch or lick toes and feet. This particular fetish can be used to bring a submissive under control and follow your instructions well with perhaps getting a glimpse of your feet or a simple touch as a reward for good behavior.

Monday, November 3, 2014

NYC Nov. 4th thru 7th - Goddess Samantha puts the BIG squeeze on the BIG apple!


I am coming back to NYC for a winter tour and won't be back until next springl....So BOOK your in person SESSION while you can...Goddess books up fast so DON"T miss out on seeing me for a session...

Do your homework by checking out my websites/clipstore for what all I offer and if you have questions or outfit/toy requests please let me know for packing! When you email me please put NYC in subject line for a quicker response:) and in the email it needs to have date/time/type of session or fill out my application in details for a better session.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

Goddess Samantha 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall to submit Tour!


It's YOUR lucky day boys! 
I am coming back to the following cities one last time for this year and won't be back until next yr., so you will get the chance to see me ONE more time before the end of the yr.....So BOOK your in person SESSION while you can...Goddess books up fast so DON"T miss out on seeing me for a session...

Columbus - Ohio - Oct. 27th thru 31st 

then off to NYC - Nov 4th thru 7th 

Do your homework by checking out my websites/clipstore for what all I offer and if you have questions or outfit/toy requests please let me know for packing! When you email me please put Ohio or NYC in subject line for a quicker response and in the email it needs to have date/time/type of session or fill out my application in details for a better session.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

hugs & spanks
Goddess Samantha Muscle
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall to your Knees Tour!

Goddess Samantha Goddess Samantha Mini American Tour
Goddess Samantha
Travel news continues as Goddess Samantha embarks on a mini tour in America.
Goddess Samantha once again hits the road as She goes on Her “Fall To Your Knees” tour which takes in 2 separate destinations beginning the end of this month. Applications to Serve Goddess Samantha in either location may now be applied for by using the contact form found on Her web site which also contains a direct email address too. FemDom Sessions with Goddess Samantha will be carried out from early until late whilst touring & are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive. An advance deposit might be required in order to confirm your appointment.
First up & Goddess Samantha heads for the American capital city of Washington D.C. from where Pro Domme Sessions will take place between the 30th of September until the 3rd of October which is closely followed by a visit to Boston which is set to begin the following day, namely the 4th & running through until the 8th of October. Keep a close eye on Goddess Samantha’s web site & Social Media feeds as we understand that additional dates & destinations might be added to this tour in the not too distant future.
Goddess Samantha is an experienced Dominatrix who’s usually located in Atlanta when not on the move & frequently conducts Her Sessions from the very well appointed Atlanta Dungeon which is a multi room & multi themed facility, fully equipped & available to hire for short or long durations by touring Mistresses seeking suitable rental options, contact the team at Atlanta’s finest to discuss potential dates & arrangements should you be an established Dominatrix looking for a quality facility to utilise in this part of the United States.
Boot Worship, Strap On Training & Beatdowns are just a few of the many & varied different types of ProDom Session that Goddess Samantha enjoys, check out Her web site for a much more comprehensive listing or contact Her respectfully to discuss your Kink should it not be listed.
You can find out more information, apply to Serve in Washington & Boston soon or in Atlanta at most other times, see additional pictures & much more besides via the web site of Goddess Samantha and see more at

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Dominate Long Distance

Long distance domination is something that has become more and more prevalent in the BDSM world today than it ever has in the past. There are many Dommes who perform training sessions for their submissives and slaves that live anywhere from just minutes away to all the way around the globe without being physically present in front of the submissive itself. While long distance domination does present particular challenges for the Domme and her submissive, it can be accomplished well through the use of several different means and tactics.
Long Distance DominationOne of the most important aspects of any type of long distance domination is going to be trust. Unlike sessions that occur in the physical presence of the Domme, as the Domme you need to have complete trust in your submissive that he is going to follow through on his instructions and training without fault and report back to you correctly. In order for this training to have any type of effectiveness, the agreement must be one that is mutually consented to by both parties and the submissive needs to make sure he keeps up faithfully with his training in order for this to succeed.
Thanks to all of the technological advances that have occurred over the last twenty-five years or so, long distance domination is a much easier thing to accomplish for a Domme. There are many tools available to you and at your disposal thanks to the Internet, computers, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, text messages, web chats, instant messages, social media and the like. You can use any or all of these methods as ways to further the instruction and training of your submissive and keep in regular contact with him to make sure he is following through on everything.
Many Dommes who use long distance domination do a lot of their training through the use of particular assignments. Depending on the type of fetish your submissive may be involved in you can create particular assignments for him that you can send to him via e-mail, text message, voice mail or however you see fit. The submissive must then carry out those assignments and send you some type of proof that they have been accomplished, usually in the form of some type of message, photo or video that he can send you to document the event. In this way you can carry out training practices that are perfectly tailored to your specific submissive.
You can also have your submissive wear some type of jewelry regularly to show that he is owned by you all of the time, even if you are not present. This can be in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace or even a collar. Have him get a piercing of some type so that he can wear something that reminds him of you. Many Dommes also make use of chastity devices in long distance domination so that they can be sure their slave is not disobeying her. Others may choose to have the submissive wear her underwear or silky panties every day as a constant reminder of his Domme.
If you think that your submissive is misbehaving or not following instructions, inform him that you are going to cut off communications with him as a form of punishment (for hours, a day, a week, or whatever timeframe is appropriate for the transgression). Most submissives cannot handle the thought of disappointing their Mistress or being out of contact with them and will do all that they can to make sure that they then follow their training regimen and assignments. You can also get your slave to perform punishments for you on a webcam so you can see that they are carried out, making him spank or flog himself in front of you or perform some other action as punishment.

While long distance domination can be difficult, it is certainly not impossible and is very attainable for most Dommes. It does take some time and input as well as the good use of your imagination to make sure that you can come up with regular assignments for the training of your submissive, but it also gives you the opportunity to try out some methods that you may not have normally come up with during a face-to-face session. With the right submissive and a trusting, consensual relationship, long distance domination can be a wonderful experience for both the Domme and her submissive.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Goddess Samantha – Visiting Charlotte 17th – 20th August 2014 for the 1st time ever!

Been along time coming I finally get to come to NC!

Late Summer travel news as Goddess Samantha heads to Charlotte this month. 
Fetish Goddess Samantha, who’s sometime referred to as Samantha Muscle will be conducting FemDom Sessions in Charlotte, North Carolina during the dates shown up above. Polite applications from genuine slaves & submissives to Serve Mistress Samantha whilst there may now be sent by utilising the form easily found on Her web site which also contains a direct email address too.
This Charlotte trip marks a first ever visit to Dominate in North Carolina (Aug.17th thru 20th BOOK NOW while you can! by Samantha Muscle who has been travelling extensively this Summer & taking in a variety of  different destinations such as Dallas, Columbo & Chicago (this weekend @ Flashback weekend Convention then followed by a short tour Aug. 11th thru 13th)BOOK your session now! as recently reported On Hogspy FemDom Sessions are scheduled to take place in Charlotte’s University & applications for such will no doubt be plentiful so with this in mind early requests are strongly recommended in order to avoid any disappointment but please  do note that you might be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment with Goddess Samantha.
Usually located at the Atlanta Dungeon when not on Her travels Goddess Samantha is an experienced Dominatrix who whilst specialising in all things physical such as Muscle Worship & Scissor holds also enjoys a wide variety of other types of FemDom Session including Spanking, Watersports & Breath Play to name just a few, check out the “Expertise” section on Samantha’s web site for a much more comprehensive listing of Her Domination preferences or contact Her respectfully in the unlikely event that your particular Kink isn’t included. Chastity Training along with Key holding is also a possibility & Clips & Movies featuring Goddess Samantha are available to buy via Her Clips4sale store for those not fortunate to be able to Serve in person, again, further details & links for such are on Her site.
You can find out more details, apply to be Dominated in Charlotte or Atlanta, see additional pictures & much more besides via the web site of Goddess Samantha
- See more at:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Goddess Samantha's Summer Tour!

Hello to all slaves, subs, sluts, & wrestle fans

I am on the move...It's summertime & i love to travel sooo here I come! Please email at my regular email SAMANTHAMUSCLE7@AOL.COM or here and put your city in the subject line for a quicker response.

I book up fast so don't miss out on seeing me while I am in your town:)~

First stop &  FIRST TIME EVER is DALLAS - TEXAS JULY 15TH thru 17TH this is the first time so we shall see if things are BIGGER in texas..& if your worthy of me coming back!

next stop is COLUMBUS - OHIO JULY 30TH thru AUG. 1ST this will be the last trip until the late fall so if you missed me then nows your chance!

then third stop is CHICAGO - AUG. 11TH thru 13TH  but theres a BONUS w/that trip I will be attending the Flashback Weekend Convention on Aut. 8th thru 10th for MY comic book debuting:) So come by meet me & get your autographed copy or pix of YOUR fave Goddess...then you can book a session that week while I am there:)~

Please go through my websites/media to get familiar with what all I offer. Email me w your detailed application for consideration! I look forward to hearing from you and beating...I mean meeting you soon...

Goddess Samantha
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Goddess is Hitting Dallas Texas July 15th thru 17th!!

Hello to all slaves, subs, sluts, & wrestle fans

Goddess Samantha is FINALLY coming to Dallas Texas for a very short visit! To see IF things are BIGGER in Texas?? We shall see!

I will be touring only on July 15th thru 17th 2014 so 3 days is all the chance you get...DON"T miss me

This is a short tour so I WILL book up fast! soooo book while you can:) this will determine IF your worthy enough for me to come back! So are you??? hmmm??? Make it happen:)~

Please go through my websites to get familiar with what all I offer. Email me w your detailed applicaiton for consideration! I look forward to hearing from you and beating...I mean meeting you soon...

hugs and spanks
Goddess Samantha

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Say My Name!!! – What is the Difference in Calling Yourself a Goddess or a Mistress?

When you are involved in the BDSM scene, you are going to hear a lot of terminology bandied about among those who may have been involved in the scene for a long time. You will come to learn what all of these terms mean as you grow in experience as a Domme or a submissive, but one aspect always seems to bring up a number of questions among both sides of the coin. You are likely to come across Dommes who refer to themselves as a Mistress or as a Goddess. While many people may question the need for two different titles and wonder what it is all about, there is a difference between the two titles and why women choose one over the other.
To understand the difference between the two it is a good idea to have a clearer understanding of the realm of Female domination. Female domination, at its most basic level, is where the Female is the dominant partner with a slave that bows to her whims and is subservient to her. The slave is most typically male but does not have to be exclusively. To go along with this notion is the one of Female supremacy. In Female supremacy the woman is not only the dominant partner but she is considered to be superior to the male in all ways – biologically, physically and spiritually.
In Female supremacy, the female is often referred to as the “Goddess” because she holds such high esteem and is deserving of worship from males. The Goddess has complete control over every aspect of the male being, including his chastity. Males must treat females and their bodies as wholly sacred and must worship the Goddess in any way she sees fit, including worship of specific areas of her body such as her feet.
For the most part, the decision to be called a Goddess or a Mistress really lies with the particular individual woman. There are some slight distinctions that some may make between the two that may provide an easier definition. Women who call themselves a Goddess bestow the name and rank upon themselves. They know intuitively who they are and how to act, treat women with the respect women should receive and their very presence can bring about adoration of the males who may be around them, compelling them to call her Goddess. While a Goddess is fiercely independent and very strong, she expects and demands that a submissive male will bend to her whims without question and worship her.
A Mistress is typically considered as a female owner of submissives and slaves. Mistress is a title most often conferred upon Females who dominate others for their personal enjoyment, a display of power, for other personal gains. Mistresses, however, do not have to just dominate males. They can also dominate females who may be submissive to them. It is at this juncture where the difference between the two terms really exists. A Goddess feels that all females are superior to males and acts as such and will almost never consider dominating another woman (although I DO) or consider being submissive to a male.
There can be some confusion in that a Goddess can sometimes refer to herself as a Mistress, but it usually does not work the other direction. A Goddess can choose to call herself Mistress as well, as she does dominate her slaves, but a Mistress may not necessarily be a Goddess because she may not follow the strict lines of Female supremacy.
When it comes right down to it, the terminology is really going to be one of personal preference for the woman. There really is no right or wrong way to make this reference; the real point of both titles is that they are both ones where you need to show honor and respect to the female and the woman needs to be addressed as she wishes by the males who are submissive to her so they know she is their superior.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Goddess is heading to the BIG Apple! NYC Tour!

I am headed to the Big Apple to take NYC by storm!  It's time and over do.....So BOOK your in person SESSION while you can...Goddess books up fast so DON"T miss out on seeing me for a session...

June 22 - 26th 2014!

Do your homework by checking out my websites/clipstore for what all I offer and if you have questions or outfit/toy requests please let me know for packing! When you email me please put NYC in subject line for a quicker response:) and in the email it needs to have date/time/type of session or fill out my application in details for a better session.

Also offering double Domme sessions w/Lady Roxie St. James and or she will sub ONLY for me in a for details...

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

hugs & spanks
Goddess Samantha Muscle
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toronto - Canada Tour May 29th thru June 1st!

Hello to all slaves, subs, sluts, & wrestle fans

Goddess Samantha is FINALLY coming to Toronto Canada for a very short visit!

I will be touring  Toronto Canada only on May 29th thru June 1st 2014

Please go through my websites to get familiar with what all I offer. Email me w your detailed applicaiton for consideration! I look forward to hearing from you and beating...I mean meeting you soon...

I am also offering double domme sessions w/Lady Roxie St. James who will also sub for me in a session so if you want double your desire then email ME for info on our double sessions...

Don't miss me while I am will regret it! hehee....

Goddess Samantha

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Friday, May 16, 2014

What Makes a Good Client??

We all know the common sense rules about being a good client to a professional Domme. However, somehow sometimes we come across that one person that ruins it for everybody and provokes the existence of articles like this one. So, this is for those “one in a million” clients that need every bit of a detail spelled out for them!
First and most important is respect! Unfortunately respect is one of the hardest things to teach if you’re not brought up with it, however there is nothing a good hard spanking can’t fix. Pun intended…Respect for the Domme you’re seeing begins with following her rules. Like the wise man once said “There is no second chance at a first impression”, so be a good boy and follow the instructions given to you. If your Domme needs you to fill out a questionnaire, do so respectfully by providing her with all the necessary information, without holding or missing any information back. If you are unsure of something, ask, politely. Respect the Domme’s time. Don’t engage in endless email or text messages prior to your meeting. Consider that every time you write a professional you are possibly taking away time from her business hours. Don’t be late! Don’t be early! A good client is always on time! If an obstacle occurred, give proper notice.

A good client is always clean. Often time’s clients will book sessions immediately after work, or straight off a long flight. That’s fine, simply ask the provider you are seeing if there is a shower that you may use upon your arrival at your meeting. If one is not available, plan your time accordingly and take advantage of the shower in your hotel room, prior to your appointment. Realize that any professional Domme takes great time to prepare herself for your time together and she most definitely expects the same in return!
A good client doesn’t push boundaries! Typically, professional Dommes have very strict rules about her Do’s and Don’ts. Some men think that those boundaries are applied as challenge. That is not the case! If you are looking to impress or get approved, you’d never push or question her limits!
A good client understands screening! Most men, especially first timers get very skeptical when it comes to the screening process. And that’s ok. However, every good client should understand that the screening is absolutely inevitable if you really want to be in the company of a true Domme. Professional Dommes use different screening tools in order to confirm their client’s information as well as to ensure that they are safe and sane customers. In return a good client can do their homework by doing some research on the domme that they are interested in. Make sure they are legitimate, that they have a personal website, check out their ads in different directories, their social media profiles and last but not least look for other clients reviews. If everything looks good, then you will have no problem going through the screening process yourself.
A good client is a returning client! Almost all Prodommes get their work from an established client base. Of course the occasional “curious”, “one-time thing” client is always welcome, but if you are trying to make an impression you will visit more than once. Coming back for a second, third etc. session shows the domme that you are a stable, serious client who is looking to build lasting relations. That is a big plus not just for you, but for the provider as well.

A good client doesn’t haggle and always pays accordingly! In the United States haggling is considered disrespectful! If the domme is offering any sort of specials or breaks on her regular tributes, she will let you know. Otherwise, make sure you are prepared to gift her whatever she is requesting, without trying to negotiate. Another great feature of a good client is paying correctly. Usually by following the rules and etiquette of the provider, you will be good. Avoid elaborating about the tribute and its meaning!
While none of the tips above are “fool-proof”, they should work pretty well if you are looking to make a lasting, positive impression that may earn you some brownie points in the future.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Columbus - Ohio Tour May 19th thru 23rd 2014!

Attention ALL Buckeyes, Slaves, Subs, & Wrestle Fans of MINE!

It's YOUR lucky day! I am coming back to Ohio sooner than I thought, so you will get the chance to see me sooner then later....So BOOK your in person SESSION while you can...Goddess books up fast so DON"T miss out on seeing me for a session...

Do your homework by checking out my websites/clipstore for what all I offer and if you have questions or outfit/toy requests please let me know for packing! When you email me please put Ohio in subject line for a quicker response:) and in the email it needs to have date/time/type of session or fill out my application in details for a better session.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

hugs & spanks
Goddess Samantha Muscle
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Monday, April 28, 2014

13 Absolute "No-No's" when Meeting a ProDomme for the First Time!!!

You’ve thought about it for a long time, you’ve searched and now you’ve found the Domme that will “pop your cherry” and introduce you to that oh so craved world of BDSM. Well good for you! In this article we’re going to list and explain some of the biggest mistakes first timers make when approaching a professional dominatrix and hopefully we’ll save you some embarrassment and disappointment.
One of the most annoying things for a pro-domme is her client’s not knowing what they want when they call and ask a million questions like:
  • “I’m not sure what I want…
  • “Can you give me some ideas?”

Sure the world of BDSM is very vast and the opportunities are endless, but anybody and everybody should have at least a vague idea of what they are looking to achieve during a session.
  • Do you want to get spanked?
  • Do you like to worship feet?
  • Do you want to be tied up, humiliated, and punished?
  • Or maybe you have a specific fetish??

Professional dommes often have a list of the services they engage in on their personal websites. Do yourself a favor and read those very carefully before initiating any contact with a dominatrix. This way if you don’t see your “thing”, then you can just keep searching and avoid wasting everyone’s time. Remember, there is nothing wrong about not being sure of your desires, just take some time to really think and research before you pick up your phone or start writing that email.

One last thing before we wrap this part up. If you’re calling your mistress simply because you’re horny, you’re in big trouble. Dominatrices are not sex workers!!! They will not satisfy your sexual needs!!! 
First time clients tend to have a very high flake rate. This may be caused by a list of factors such as nervousness, indecisiveness and/or fear. However none of these are really an excuse to flake on your domme! Here are some things to take under consideration before you decided to not show up for your appointment. Your domme probably took a great deal of time to prepare and pamper herself for your time together. She probably turned down other clients so she can see you. If you do not show up for your appointment, you will most likely never be able to schedule another one in the future.  Another thing to consider is that dommes often have “black list” or “flake lists” of clients that they share with other dommes. Once you get on that list, you’re done!!! Always keep in mind, if you disappoint your domme before you even meet her your chances of ever being in the company of ANY domme are slim to none. Professional dommes often don’t give second chances and they absolutely despise their time being wasted!
Dominatrices are used to being treated with a great respect. Always be polite, always address your mistress by Mistress, Goddess or whatever she prefers, if you are not sure, ask, politely. NEVER EVER call a domme “baby”, “sweetie”, “hunny” or anything related to those!  This will make your domme very, very angry and unhappy with you!
Don’t ever argue or try to negotiate with her boundaries. If her website strictly says that she doesn’t do something, don’t call her and ask anyway. You are not an exception to her rules! Begging or negotiating boundaries is pathetic and will not get you anywhere!
Don’t call your mistress after her listed working hours. This is another sign of disrespect and red flag for her. If she doesn’t accept texts, don’t text her. If she doesn’t respond to blocked numbers, don’t be a smart ass and block your number. If your domme has her hours of availability listed and you’ve read them, don’t ask for an appointment outside of these hours. Respect ALL limits, rules and etiquette! If she requires 24 hour notice for booking, don’t contact her at 2pm and ask for a session at 3pm. If she requires information for her screening, provide her with it and make sure it is as accurate as possible. Not following instructions and being disrespectful is a sign of ignorance and stupidity. If she has to refer you to her website after each of your questions, you have failed!
Once you’ve educated yourself on all of the requests and etiquette of the domme you selected to “pop your cherry” you can initiate the contact. Here are a few things you should be mindful of and never do during this process.
If you are contacting a domme via phone always begin with introducing yourself by first and last name and right after that let her know where you found her ad and what your interest is. Don’t elaborate too much. A simple “I am interested in the session you offer” is enough for her to get an idea of what you’re looking for. Never ask a domme “Is this…?”!!! You are the one who called her, so you have be the one presenting yourself and your purpose and listening very careful to her instructions and guidance. A few other no-brainers are: Don’t interrupt her, don’t ever ask for anything illegal and always address her as Mistress, Miss, Madame, Goddess etc. Another huge pet peeve dommes have is clients calling with questions like:
  • “What are you gonna do to me?”

This instantly puts you in the “bad client” list. It normally means you are looking for free phone sex, and dommes know it. You won’t get it!!! All you’ll probably end up with is a cold response, quick hang up and your dick in your hand…Oh and any chances of actually being in the presence of that domme are out the door. If you’re too nervous to meet for a session or you just want one over the phone, you will have to pay. Most dommes have the option to session over the phone and they have their prices for that service listed on their website. So be a doll and just follow the rules!
Often time’s dommes do not like to be contacted by phone. In that case look for an email or a form to fill out. One of the biggest rookie mistakes you can make when approaching a dominatrix via email is to write her one or two word emails. Things like “HI...”, “I want a session…”, or “You’re hot…” will most likely piss of your Domme and guarantee your email to be deleted without even a second look. Contacts like this say a lot about the person who writes them and every professional domme knows it. Firstly, it shows little to no respect for the process. Most of the time dominatrices have a personal website that they urge you to visit and read through before initiating a contact. If you didn’t take the time to read their website, why should she take the time to respond to you?!? Second, it shows your inability to follow instructions and obey simple rules. If you can’t do that, then you will probably not follow the directions your domme gives you during your session. Last but not least, it tells the provider you are not really serious and/or ready to dive into the world of domination. To sum this up, if you think you’re ready for your first encounter with a dominatrix, the number one rule is very simple -READ HER WEBSITE!!!
If you are so broke or cheap and you can’t afford to tribute your domme, but still decide to approach her with some question in the lines of “Can I be your personal slave?” or “How may I serve you (Without actually paying you for it)?”  Be prepared for not so pleasant response, if you even get rewarded with one… If a prodomme needs a personal slave or someone to serve her for free, chances are she already has not just one, but a few of those. The lesson to learn here is, don’t be cheap, because the services and the company of a professional dominatrix aren’t!! If you can’t afford it at the moment, wait, save and then contact…
There are better alternatives then asking a pro to do her job for free. Here are some useful tips on what you can do instead of bugging your local dommes for free stuff:
  • Become active in your local BDSM community. Explore fetish parties, events and BDSM classes
  • Have a talk with your partner and see if they are interested in exploring some BDSM activities with you.
  • Find a partner that is open to BDSM

Never contact a dominatrix and give them a shopping list of things you want in your session, then offer a very low rate.  This just pisses her off and you may not even get a return email.  Imagine if you went to a restaurant and wanted to order $300 worth of food and wine then you explain to your waiter you only have $50.  Obviously, that would never work and you and I both know you would never ever try something like that, so don’t assume that will work with your prodomme.  Haggling or negotiating over her prices is a huge RED flag, most dommes will see it as a sign of major disrespect and that you are probably not someone she wants as a client.  If a domme is offering any discounts or multiple services, she will let you know. You asking for it may get you in big trouble. But then, maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for…
CAN I…..
Just STOP right now!  If you are about to ask a pro-domme any question related to any sexual activity, better just assume that the answer is no. Most professional dommes have very strict rules about engaging in any sort of sexual activity or nudity on their part. This is also one of the main things listed on their personal website. Asking a dominatrix for sex is probably the rudest, most disrespectful thing to do! That means you assume they are an escort, and oh man are you wrong!!! ProDommes are NOT escorts!  Just because you saw some porno online where the dominatrix had sex with her submissive, does not mean that is going to EVER happen in real life, so never ask or assume.  There are plenty of escorts who offer some sort of fetish related services and even some who specialize in combining sex with femdom, contact them if you are seeking that.
You’ve passed the initial contact with your domme, you were lucky enough to set up your first appointment, good for you!!! Now you probably think, “I’m in! Nothing can go wrong anymore.” Not so fast! We all know that sometimes life happens, and plans get interfered with. The day of your appointment you get stuck in a meeting/traffic or you simply get nervous and petrified. That’s ok. Get ahold of your domme as soon as possible and let her know of your circumstances. Be respectful, apologize, especially if you are about to cancel.  If you had to cancel, one of the best way to make up for a cancelled session is to send a gift to your domme. Visit her website, check out her wishlist, send an email gift certificate or simply send her the gift of cash via PayPal. Any of those will put you back on the good side and will buy you mercy. 
Don’t be late and always show up on time!  If the location of your domme is in a high traffic area, take that into account and leave early.  We do understand that accidents and other unforeseen acts of nature do happen, which is fine, however what is not fine is not to call your domme who is sitting, waiting and thinking you flaked! Most dominatrices schedule sessions back to back, if you show up late don’t expect to get your full session, and do expect to be charged for a full session price. 
Never show up early…ever!  Discretion is a big part of this business and to show up early is just plain rude.  Understand, that she may be in a session with another client, or maybe she is still getting ready.  If your meeting place is a dungeon then maybe the room she booked for your session is not ready yet. If for some reason you happen to be early ALWAYS contact her first, and request if she can see you earlier.  Sometimes it is not an issue, or even preferable, but always ask first.
TAKE A SHOWER!!! We realize that this may sound too obvious to even mention, but we want to stress the importance of your hygiene. All dommes take very great care of themselves and always make sure they are at their best when in session with a client and they expect the same in return.
When seeing your Domme don’t ever ask for personal information such as
  • “Are you married?”
  • “Do you have a boyfriend?”
  • “Do your parents know you do this type of work?”

Or probably the most hated question:
  • “What else do you do?”

Think about what comes out of your mouth before you speak. None of that information is any of your business, and in regards to the question “What else do you do?” – Seriously, you just paid me a huge sum of money in a very short amount of time, why would you think I have any other job, and even if I did have a regular job do you think it is any of your business!  Last thing a domme needs is having a customer show up at their place of work.
At the end of your session, if you had an absolute great time - tell your domme. She will appreciate it.  Don’t call after your session to thank her! An email or a text message is enough.  One of the best ways to show how much you appreciated her time and/or enjoyed the session is by tipping.  You may not know this, but if your session took a place in a Dungeon, your domme is probably paying a fee to use that space, and most often than not those are pretty pricy. A tip in that case is very much appreciated. A respectful tip is $20, $50 is considered a good tip. Don’t tip less than $20!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Columbus Ohio Tour 2014

Hello my slaves, subs, and fans

Happy New Year and its time to kick off my tours for the yr. so I am coming to YOU first!

I will be touring is Columbus Ohio Feb 18th thru 21st 2014

Please email me for sessions and go to my sites to check me out...Fill out my applicaiton for consideration! I look forward to hearing from you and beating...I mean meeting you soon...

Don't miss me while I am will regret it! hehee....

Goddess Samantha