Monday, July 23, 2018

Fetish Frenzy in Florida for FetCon 2018!

FemDom travel news as Goddess Samantha Muscle confirms Her trip to St Petersburg Florida.

Arriving on August 8th booking thru August 12th only!

Book me while you can time slots are limited! 
Samantha Muscle hits the road once again mid next month & embarks on a mini tour to St Petersburg in Florida from where She’ll be conducting Professional Domination Sessions during the dates displayed up above. Respectful applications to Serve Goddess Samantha during this trip can now be applied for by completing the small form easily found in the “Application” section of Her web site which also contains a direct email address too. Female Domination Sessions usually run from early in the morning until late in the evening when Goddess Samantha’s on the road & they’re open to novices as well as the more experienced slave & submissive but please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment.

During this Florida trip Goddess Samantha Muscle will be attending & based at this years FetishCon celebrations tickets for which are now on sale via their web site & aside from individual & double Domina activities will also be available for Film & Photo shoots too. Established content Producers & other Dominatrices planning on attending FetCon are welcome to reach out to the Goddess to discuss the various possibilities.

Click this link below for more info on the Event  
Usually located in Georgia from where She hosts Her FemDom Sessions at the ever popular Atlanta Dungeon & with frequent travel across the United States Samantha Muscle is an experienced Dominatrix & Wrestler who enjoys a wide variety of of scenes & activities including but not limited to Corporal Punishment, Beatdowns & Strap On Training to name a small selection, check out Fetish Goddess Samantha’s web site for much more detailed information regarding Her Session preferences.
You can find out lots more information & apply to be Dominated in Florida next month or in Atlanta before or afterwards as well as see additional pictures & plenty more besides via the web site of Goddess Samantha Muscle.

Goddess Samantha 
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