Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Review from a Wrestle Session w/ The Muscle Goddess of Atlanta Dungeon!

Hello my Wrestle Fans and those who are curious:) I just had to share this w/you all because I totally didn't ask for the review so it was a pleasant surprise and I had to share it:) Enjoy! Just a little tast of what a wrestle session w/THE Muscle Goddess of Atlanta Dungeon! First was the email from the guy then the review he posted to follow:) totally made my day:)now come get you some if you dare!

Samantha. Thank you for that great first mixed wrestling experience. It completely exceeded expectations. You are a Goddess in every sense of the word. Two days later and my jaw and ribs are in absolute agony and I'm suffering from PTSD (post traumatic squeeze disorder.) You pulverized me and I truly appreciate it. I felt obliged to post a review for you on the forum because everyone needs to know how awesome you are. Hope you don't mind. Thanks again!

So, I just had my very first wrestling session ever with Samantha Muscle about two days ago and I honestly have to say.....WOW, she blew all of my expectations and illusions about the entire mixed wrestling scene out of the water. You see, for many years, I, like I imagine many normal guys are, was under the impression that most of the domination, scissors, pins and other holds applied by women in mixed wrestling videos were faked or staged. That the guy could actually escape a head or body scissors quite easily and he was just playing it up for the camera to make the girl seem much stronger than she actually was. While this may be true in some instances, within the first thirty seconds tangling with this barbie doll and getting trapped in a body scissor, I realized I had never been so wrong about anything in all my life. At first glance, Goddess Samantha seems like your "Normal" girl next door type (if you happen to live on Krypton). She has a gorgeous face, beautiful, charming smile, and that great athletically toned body that all men, who love fit women, know and love. When she answered the door she was so sweet and disarming that she set my nervousness at ease. I was thinking "This is going to be fun. We're going to wrestle around and I'm going to act like she can control me and that I can't break free of her holds". I mean, I'm a 5'10 220lb guy with a 250lb bench press and a six pack, there is no way this chick can hurt me, right? I am a complete idiot. The only acting that occurred in our match was this Goddess pretending she had to exert herself, so that I wasn't completely emasculated. Her power was UNREAL! There was no escape from any hold she got me in. No give. Not even a chance. I was stunned. She almost made me pass out on several occasions. I always had to tap. Every scissor. Every time. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if she was inclined to, she could have squeezed me to death. I'm not joking. The best thing about her is that she truly loves to dominate. She enjoyed making me suffer.... I could tell. She didn't so much "pop" my wrestling cherry as squeeze it into cherry jam with her superhuman strength and spread in thinly over the toast of my male ego. It was like wrestling with a sexy robot terminator. I was a little scared and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!!!!!! Folks, Super Girl is real and she lives in the Atlanta area. You should meet her. In a year or so ,when my ribs and jaw stop throbbing, I'll muster the courage to call her again. Until then, the aching never felt so sweet. ,          

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dive in Feet First – Mastering the Art of Foot Worship!

For as many different items and objects that there are today there are fetishes to go along with them with people who idolize and get stimulation from the sight or touch by one of these objects. Of all the fetishes, perhaps the one that is most well-known and recognized is that of the foot fetish.Men and women alike by the millions admit to having some type of foot fetish and in the world of BDSM the foot fetish plays an integral role in many D/s relationships.
Whether you are a novice or experienced Mistresses or Domme, mastering the art of foot worship can bring many submissives to your heels, quivering in anticipation of your next command or move.
The foot fetish can cover a wide range of likes and lusts on the part of a submissive. There are some who may have an interest in a particular style or type of shoe being worn while others may focus on the foot itself. Some submissives have a fetish for well-manicured toes while others may like certain socks, stockings, pantyhose or thigh highs that encase the legs and feet. Still others may love the smell of a well-worn shoe, sock, stocking or just the smell of the foot itself. Each submissive who has a foot fetish may have a particular twist on the fetish itself that they enjoy the most. If you want the opportunity to engage a submissive in foot worship, it is best for you to know beforehand just where their fetish centers so you can use this aspect to help bring them to your submission and worship you properly.

You can have your submissive worship you and your feet in a variety of ways that help to keep him line and let him experience the fetish that he desires. Much of what you can do depends a great deal on which particular aspect of a foot fetish he likes to experience, but for many submissives simply starting out by worshipping at your feet is the place to begin. You can have the submissive on his knees or completely prone on the floor right at your feet, placing him very close to your feet so he can look at them but he is not allowed to touch (unless, of course, you give him permission to do so at some point). You can then have him repeat and answer you over and over how much you are in control and how much he wants to obey you.

You can also have the submissive perform acts with your feet that are designed to benefit you in some way so that you get pleasure from his worship while he gets to experience his fetish and interact with your feet. This can be something as simple as placing jewelry on your toes, putting your socks or shoes on your feet or they can be more interactive, where you allow your submissive the pleasure of painting your toenails, provide you with a foot massage or something of that nature. You could even put on a foot fashion show to tease and entice your submissive, binding him up and having him watch you as you try on different shoes, socks or stockings, making him worship your feet even more.
Other forms of foot worship can come from placing the submissive in bondage and smothering him with the smells of your worn socks, stockings, pantyhose and shoes. Foot worship can be used in conjunction with other forms of domination, including tease and denial, sensual domination, forced feminization, trampling and others where you can use your feet and your submissive’s desires to control and dominate him.
Foot worship can be a very strong tool in the BDSM arsenal for a Mistress. Many submissives long to be at the feet of a Mistress with the dreams of being able to touch or lick toes and feet. This particular fetish can be used to bring a submissive under control and follow your instructions well with perhaps getting a glimpse of your feet or a simple touch as a reward for good behavior.

Monday, November 3, 2014

NYC Nov. 4th thru 7th - Goddess Samantha puts the BIG squeeze on the BIG apple!


I am coming back to NYC for a winter tour and won't be back until next springl....So BOOK your in person SESSION while you can...Goddess books up fast so DON"T miss out on seeing me for a session...

Do your homework by checking out my websites/clipstore for what all I offer and if you have questions or outfit/toy requests please let me know for packing! When you email me please put NYC in subject line for a quicker response:) and in the email it needs to have date/time/type of session or fill out my application in details for a better session.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

Goddess Samantha