Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall to submit Tour!


It's YOUR lucky day boys! 
I am coming back to the following cities one last time for this year and won't be back until next yr., so you will get the chance to see me ONE more time before the end of the yr.....So BOOK your in person SESSION while you can...Goddess books up fast so DON"T miss out on seeing me for a session...

Columbus - Ohio - Oct. 27th thru 31st 

then off to NYC - Nov 4th thru 7th 

Do your homework by checking out my websites/clipstore for what all I offer and if you have questions or outfit/toy requests please let me know for packing! When you email me please put Ohio or NYC in subject line for a quicker response and in the email it needs to have date/time/type of session or fill out my application in details for a better session.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

hugs & spanks
Goddess Samantha Muscle
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