Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boston goes beneath ME! April 20th thru 22nd!

Hello to all slaves, subs, sluts, & wrestle fans

Goddess Samantha is FINALLY coming back to Boston for a very short visit! 

I will be touring only on April 20th thru 22nd  2015  so 3 days is all the chance you get...DON"T miss me

This is a short tour so I WILL book up fast! soooo book while you can:) this will determine IF your worthy enough for me to come back! So are you??? hmmm??? Make it happen:)~

Please go through my websites to get familiar with what all I offer. Email me w your detailed applicaiton for consideration! I look forward to hearing from you and beating...I mean meeting you soon...

Goddess Samantha Muscle
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