Friday, May 16, 2014

What Makes a Good Client??

We all know the common sense rules about being a good client to a professional Domme. However, somehow sometimes we come across that one person that ruins it for everybody and provokes the existence of articles like this one. So, this is for those “one in a million” clients that need every bit of a detail spelled out for them!
First and most important is respect! Unfortunately respect is one of the hardest things to teach if you’re not brought up with it, however there is nothing a good hard spanking can’t fix. Pun intended…Respect for the Domme you’re seeing begins with following her rules. Like the wise man once said “There is no second chance at a first impression”, so be a good boy and follow the instructions given to you. If your Domme needs you to fill out a questionnaire, do so respectfully by providing her with all the necessary information, without holding or missing any information back. If you are unsure of something, ask, politely. Respect the Domme’s time. Don’t engage in endless email or text messages prior to your meeting. Consider that every time you write a professional you are possibly taking away time from her business hours. Don’t be late! Don’t be early! A good client is always on time! If an obstacle occurred, give proper notice.

A good client is always clean. Often time’s clients will book sessions immediately after work, or straight off a long flight. That’s fine, simply ask the provider you are seeing if there is a shower that you may use upon your arrival at your meeting. If one is not available, plan your time accordingly and take advantage of the shower in your hotel room, prior to your appointment. Realize that any professional Domme takes great time to prepare herself for your time together and she most definitely expects the same in return!
A good client doesn’t push boundaries! Typically, professional Dommes have very strict rules about her Do’s and Don’ts. Some men think that those boundaries are applied as challenge. That is not the case! If you are looking to impress or get approved, you’d never push or question her limits!
A good client understands screening! Most men, especially first timers get very skeptical when it comes to the screening process. And that’s ok. However, every good client should understand that the screening is absolutely inevitable if you really want to be in the company of a true Domme. Professional Dommes use different screening tools in order to confirm their client’s information as well as to ensure that they are safe and sane customers. In return a good client can do their homework by doing some research on the domme that they are interested in. Make sure they are legitimate, that they have a personal website, check out their ads in different directories, their social media profiles and last but not least look for other clients reviews. If everything looks good, then you will have no problem going through the screening process yourself.
A good client is a returning client! Almost all Prodommes get their work from an established client base. Of course the occasional “curious”, “one-time thing” client is always welcome, but if you are trying to make an impression you will visit more than once. Coming back for a second, third etc. session shows the domme that you are a stable, serious client who is looking to build lasting relations. That is a big plus not just for you, but for the provider as well.

A good client doesn’t haggle and always pays accordingly! In the United States haggling is considered disrespectful! If the domme is offering any sort of specials or breaks on her regular tributes, she will let you know. Otherwise, make sure you are prepared to gift her whatever she is requesting, without trying to negotiate. Another great feature of a good client is paying correctly. Usually by following the rules and etiquette of the provider, you will be good. Avoid elaborating about the tribute and its meaning!
While none of the tips above are “fool-proof”, they should work pretty well if you are looking to make a lasting, positive impression that may earn you some brownie points in the future.

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